[slider id=’3543′ ] [boxed ] [slogan btn_text=’Join Us!’ btn_link=’ http://txsega.com/index.php/prospective-member-information/’]The Texas State Employees Golf Association, SEGA, is an organization of current and former employees of the State of Texas and their families who enjoy competitive golf.[/slogan] [/boxed] [section css_class=’homepage-section-2′] [boxed] [column col_sm=’4′] [service style=’4′ title=’Member Area’ icon=’fa-user’ link=’http://txsega.com/player-info/’ ]SEGA members can go here to update your info, check your SEGA handicap index and view minutes of SEGA Board of Director meetings.[/service] [/column] [column col_sm=’4′] [service style=’4′ title=’Recognitions’ icon=’fa-star’ link=’http://txsega.com/recognitions/’ ]SEGA has several awards and recognitions for members.[/service] [/column] [column col_sm=’4′] [service style=’4′ title=’Tournaments’ icon=’fa-flag’ link=’http://txsega.com/2016-tournament-schedule/’ ]We have at least one tournament a month at courses in and around the central Texas area and are usually held on state holidays or on a Saturday.[/service] [/column] [/boxed] [/section] [section background_color=’#eff2f0′] [boxed] [divider height=’30’ ] [column col_sm=’6′ ] [title style=’3′ ]Upcoming Tournaments[/title]

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[/column] [column col_sm=’6′ ] [title style=’3′]Latest SEGA News[/title] [blog num=’2′ category=’news’ ] [/column] [/boxed] [/section] [section] [boxed] [divider height=’30’ ] [row] [column col_md=’3′ ] [title]It’s all about Golf![/title] SEGA has at least one tournament a month usually on a state holiday or on a Saturday when there is not a holiday in a given month. We play at courses in the central Texas region that offer a fun and challenging round of golf, such as Avery Ranch, Grey Rock, Terravista, Lions, Morris Williams, Onion Creek and many more. Here are some photos of our outings.
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