About Us

Texas State Employees Golf Association, SEGA, is an organization of current and former Texas State Employees and families who enjoy competitive golf. Once a member, always a member, as long as you stay current (dues) and active.

Our organization is governed by an eleven member Board-of-Directors elected (each August) by the general membership for two year terms. Each year, the term for one half of the Board members expires and each is either re-elected or replaced. This ensures continuity of the knowledge of processes by always having experience on the Board. The Board itself (following election) selects the individuals from the Board to serve in the Officer roles of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for the new fiscal year (September thru August).

Our outings (tournaments) rotate around the greater Austin area. We have at least one tournament a month and, of course, members only play in the ones they wish. There is no minimum number that you have to play in except to qualify to win in the combined 2-day SEGA Championship. We have members that play in every tournament of the year! We usually have from 50 to 120 members that play in any given tournament depending on timing, format, and course location. We try to hold our tournaments on state holidays or on a Saturday.

SEGA Board of Directors

Name Title End of Term
Tim Cunningham President 08/31/2023
Jimmy Williams Vice-President 08/31/2023
Tony Compton Treasurer 08/31/2023
John Burke Secretary 08/31/2023
Jack DeButts Director 08/31/2023
Jim Crump Director 08/31/2023
Rudy Aguilar Ex Officio 08/31/2023

The State Employees Golf Association (SEGA) was founded in 1977 under the leadership and direction of William E. “Bill” Stages …

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The association is governed by organizational Constitution and Bylaws …

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The handicap calculation that SEGA uses is an estimate of potential scoring ability based on results from participation in stroke-play events …

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As a member of SEGA, you are responsible to know and adhere to the rules …

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