River City

A reciprocal club agreement has been approved where River City (RCGA) and the State Employees Golf Association (SEGA) which will allow participation in each other’s tournaments on a voluntary basis. Players will follow the rules of each organization at each other’s venues. RCGA play Sundays on Austin Municipal courses a list is provided below. SEGA members will pay RCGA Tourney fees per tournament and an extra $2 or SEGA members may join the RCGA and not pay the prorated $2 per tourney. Their annual dues are $40. Cross association handicaps are honored.

If interested in playing in any of the RCGA tourneys please email Jose Moreno who will sign you up for the tournaments with RCGA providing them the appropriate handicap.

January 27 January 21 Lions 2 Best Ball, Net Scores
February 24 February 18 Roy Kizer ABCD - 2 Best Ball, Net Scores
March 24 March 18 Jimmy Clay Spring Member/Guest: 2-Person Best Ball
April 28 April 22 Morris Williams Stroke: Flighted, Net Scores (PT)
June 2 May 27 Roy Kizer Stroke: Flighted, Net Scores (PT)
June 23 June 17 Morris Williams ABCD Scramble, Individual Entry (PT)
July 28 July 22 Jimmy Clay Stroke: Flighted, Net Scores (PT)
August 25 August 19 Roy Kizer Stroke: Flighted, Net Scores (PT)
September 21 & 22 September 16 Roy Kizer/Jimmy Clay Club Championship: Stroke (PT)
October 13 October 7 Morris Williams 2 Best Ball, Net Scores
November 17 November 11 Roy Kizer 2-Person "666"

** Some tournaments have a 9:00 AM Prime Time start (PT). Otherwise times will be 10:30 AM